Methodology To Visualisation

Day 14 (18.03.2021): Volumes, Movement, Space, Notations

Day 13 (16.03.2021): Combined Primitive Constructions: Simple and Complex

Day 12 (11.03.2021): Form Complexity in Perspective

Day 11 (09.03.2021): Primitive Constructions in Perspective

Day 10 (04.03.2021): Primitive Volumes in Perspective

Day 9 (02.03.2021): People Into Mind Mapping and Intro to Volume

Day 8 (02.25.2021): Form of Research and New Ideas

Day 6 (02.18.2021): Form Study Varieties and Applications

Day 5 (02.16.2021): Studying Form

Day 4 (02.11.2021): Shape Generation

Day 3 (02.09.2021): Shape Making — Fundamental & Manipulative

Day 2 (02.04.2021): Mark Making and Shaping Properties

Day 1 (02.02.2021): Marks Made by Nature



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