Adrienne Luk
2 min readMar 21, 2023


project 3: communicating information

toast exercise

toast exercise drawings

The toast drawing exercise allowed me to better understand how to convey information through icons and simplification of action and objects. I found it easier for me to draw through the exercise on the first exercise on the full page instead of the individual post-it notes because I felt like I had to stop and think more when drawing on the post-it notes versus on the large paper I could just draw as I was thinking. However, after doing the collaborative exercise where we had to work with everyone else, I do see how the post-it notes is a more fluid method when collaborating and combining ideas with other people as it allows for more ease in changes and iterations and organization.

collaborative toast exercise

As a group, we believe that transportation for all students should be comfortable, accessible, and stress free.

Criteria set by group:

Most impact — the product has use on every bus trip taken (daily use)

usability — the solution should not require any prior experience in order to engage with the product

is it already available? — the solution should be readily available to implement and not require further technology or material developments

Team Roles:


What did your group set as the criteria for your concept selection? What roles will each team member play in the execution of work? (include images of your storyboards with captions)

What feedback did you receive in class today and how does your team plan to act on it. Give specific examples. Include images and notes, if appropriate.

insert link to final script and slide show in your Medium story. Include a final reflection on the project: What went well? what could have gone better? What might you do the next time you approach a similar project?